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The distinguishing trait of the Vertigo Daybed is its dual identity. Inspired by the cool main character from the Alfred Hitchcock film, this EOOS design for Poltrona Frau is perfect for the executive office, welcoming visitors and allowing them to take the weight off their feet for a few minutes with its contained dimensions, clean design and ergonomics.

But it is also perfect in the home thanks to the beauty of the processing and the materials and its ability to transform into a comfortable sofa bed for guests. The elements of the Vertigo daybed are pared down to their simplest form, each one performing its function with rigour and elegance. The technical mechanism becomes an aesthetic and completely visible feature. The tubular metal structure, with its sophisticated gunmetal grey finish, is the result of in-depth mechanical engineering research. The complex system of levers and joints makes the movement fast and precise. Just hold the handle under the seat and push it down, pulling the bar at the back outwards: the mechanism opens with a pivot motion and the Vertigo turns into a bed.