Grant De Luxe


The Grant De Luxe series is expanded in the 2020 Poltrona Frau collection with three new products, one of which with storage compartment, joining the existing models.

Grant De Luxe is distinctive for its particular lattice work, consisting of strips of Pelle Frau leather at a 45′ angle, which decorates the external edges of the poufs. The inspiration for the Grant collection comes from different sources: the ironic and slightly dandy style of Hollywood legend Cary and the military aplomb of heroic general Ulysses. There are also nods to equestrianism and the large luxury cars of the prewar period. Grant encapsulates the pure masculine essence of a clean, understated and completely un-ostentatious elegance, evoking the nostalgia of a stylistic and existential golden age. The common denominator of all of the new models is the original De Luxe processing: fine lattice work that decorates the external edges of the poufs. The motif consists of strips of Pelle Frau leather at 45 angles, while a trim in the same material, always matching the cover of the base, frames the seat. The collection of Grant De Luxe poufs consists of a round pouf, an oval pouf and a rectangular pouf with practical storage compartment. The frame of the poufs is made from birch plywood and the edges and seat are padded with polyurethane foam.

The Grant De Luxe collection perfectly encapsulates the close attention that Poltrona Frau has been paying to changing lifestyles for many years. With current trends prioritizing versatile furniture that can be adapted to more fluid and changeable work and living spaces and situations, Grant De Luxe presents simple, transversal solutions that convey its own personal concept of elegance in new forms.