A collection of storage units for any room in the home. Low and High cabinet forthe living room, this one also available in the drinks cabinet version. Deliberately lean design, precious materials.Its most distinctive feature is the vertical line that neatly separates the two doors. The base takes theform of a moka-coloured solid ash stand that brings out the visual lightness of the piece. The warm andintense tones of Cuoio Saddle Extra leather or Cuoio Saddle leather envelop the exterior. And in anevocative contrast, when opening the cabinet there is the surprising brightness of the extra light natural maple that completely covers the compartments and the inside surface of the doors, creating movement and depth. There are two alternatives for the interior fittings of the High cabinet. A classical and functionalarrangement with three large drawers and a system of shelves and surfaces.Or an accessorised versionto becomes a stylish mobile bar.


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Dimension: (low cabinet) Width:77 / 30″¼ Side Length: 52 / 20″½ Front Length: 240 / 94″½ (High cabinet) Width: 155 / 61″ Side Length: 52 / 20″ ½ Front Length: 130 / 51″¼