Today, food is a glocal passion and the dedicated place where culinary alchemy takes place – the kitchen – must be perfectly in order and functional.

Inspired by cartesian coordinates, Francesco Meda has designed a new flexible and functional system in which each kitchen accessory has its place while always being at the cook’s fingertips.


Main features

• Accessorised channel d 150mm in pewter finish to hold different accessories

• Transversal system applicable on all Dada kitchen models

• Available on both island and wall compositions

• The accessorised channel can hold different accessories

• Accessories in solid Fenix laminate in the colour black Ingo

• Design available with or without pedestals and shelves with full or partial length

• Inside the tank, an insulated raceway designed to hide and isolate all wiring

• Shelves in structured aluminium to hold surfaces in wood, stainless steel or a simple insert in black nonslip rubber

• Optional LED lighting system

• Optional sliding elements: snack table, chopping board and drip collector connected directly to the channel