Walk-in closet in ash wood available in four finishes: natural (fin.96), anthracite grey (fin.93), biscuit (fin.2P) and ash grey (fin.2R). The metal parts are in pewter finish (fin.5L). The backrests in wood can be completely mirrored or have a mirror accessory or can be covered with special wall upholstery feasible in textile fibres or real wood, thin Sycamore wood layer. Both are available in two graphics that are the result of digital stamps of painting subjects:
• with flowers with continuous water-coloured drawing;
• shaded drawing with hand painting effect.

A wide range of accessories in grey anthracite solid ash wood (fin.93) to
complete the shelf is available:
• hats holder sphere;
• bags holder sphere;
• belts holder;
• ties holder.
In addition, also the following accessories are available:
• foulard holder in ash wood;
• trouser hanger and trousers and trouser/jacket hanger in ash wood and
• skirt hanger and skirt and skirt/jacket hanger in ash wood and leather;
• box in dove-grey saddle leather and Doria fabric silver coloured (cod. 6548);
• bi-material tray in dove-grey saddle leather on one side and leather on the
• shirt folding board in dove-grey saddle leather;
• hanging coat rack with hook

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