The Othello series of tables was born from an encounter between pure and natural materials. The charm of the expertly processed wood, combined with stone or glass, makes all decorative work superfluous. Roberto Lazzeroni revisits the constructive rigour of 1950s and 1960s Italian design. The solid ash supports, with a moka or wenge stain, have the impact of a geometric sculpture. By contrast, the tops are soft and curved in both the round and rectangular versions. The clean-edged triangular section is a distinctive feature of the wooden structure and is beautifully echoed in the diamond workmanship along the edges of the tops.Poltrona Frau chooses two material variants for the tops. The light, semi-transparent smoked crystal emphasises the architectural solidity of the supports. The fine Fior di Pesco marble catches the eye with its delicate and rich veins that in the daylight reveal areas that are translucent and almost transparent. Calacatta Oro marble is an equally fine alternative.Othello crystal tables come with exposed brushed stainless steel spacers. In the marble version, with glossy or semi-glossy finish, the underneath of the top is reinforced with a technical mesh that guarantees its durability. An HPL laminate substrate supports the top.

Design by Roberto Lazzeroni