For this console designed for Fiam Italia, we wanted the glass top, fused at high temperatures in a rhomboidal shape, to be elegantly supported by a thin but recognizable metal bases. The inspiration came from the structure of the LEM, the lunar module of the Apollo missions, characterized by the slender metal structures that support the space capsule; It is for this reason that the name Lunar was chosen. In addition to an esthetic and purely engineering reference, an important formal reference was definitely the anthropomorphic
design of Carlo Molino, an unique design characterized by sensual and sinuous lines.

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L 160 P 45 H 75 cm
W 62” D 17 11/16” H 29 1/2”
L 180 P 45 H 75 cm
W 70 7/8” D 17 11/16” H 29 1/2”