Fused glass has a starring role on the collection “Lakes”, a series of coffee and side-tables in which the material is processed as it were at liquid state, in an alternation of reflections and transparencies exalted by the glass thickness and smoothed borders. The glass is imagined as a living and fluid material as if it were a lake’s water which comes out in its whole natural elegance. Thus because of its minimal structure created to remain at the service of the glass, allowing it to be the main interpreter of the collection.

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Ø 100 H 40 cm
W 39 3/8” H 15 3/4”
Ø 70 H 45 cm
W 27 9/16” H 17 11/16”
Ø 50 H 50 cm
W 19 11/16” H 19 11/16”