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Sophisticated and colorful weaves showcase the new Color Sphere system in the Journey decorative cushions designed by Giulio Ridolfo with Chiara Novello for the 2020 Poltrona Frau collection.
Poltrona Frau’s new products for 2020 include the Journey collection of decorative cushions designed by Giulio Ridolfo and Chiara Novello. These are characterized by precious weaves and new colors that showcase the new Color Sphere system.

Like a refined leather-bound travel diary, the collection of Journey decorative cushions celebrates the atmospheres and memories of once-visited places, summarising them in a sensitive and cultured account notable for its vivid colours. Designed for Poltrona Frau by Giulio Ridolfo in collaboration with Chiara Novello, the Journey cushions depict the fields parched by the sun, the natural flow of watercourses and the yards of villages lit up by lanterns through a precious 3D-effect geometric weave.

The cushions are covered entirely in Pelle Frau SC leather. The fronts are distinctive for their handwoven strips which embody the time-honored traditions of the leather-craft industry. Every strip consists of three leather laces in progressive shades of color. All of the cushions are available in the sizes: square with 47 cm sides and rectangular, 35×57 cm.

With Journey, Poltrona Frau demonstrates its focus on design and high-quality craftsmanship also in the area of furnishing accessories, which often add a simple but sophisticated finishing touch to a room’s decor.