The project of the table “Hype” extends and becomes a wider collection with the creation of a Console, a Desk and a series of Coffee tables. The contrast between the handcrafted fused glass and the base, wholly realized in iron and through the numerical control method, is created following new proportions, reconsidered to carry out new types of product. The collection has a even more graphic and distinctive character, capable of satisfying
various demands a creating a fil-rouge inside the environment.

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L 90 P 45 H 42 cm
W 35 7/16” D 17 11/16” H 16 9/16”
L 100 P 70 H 42 cm
W 39 3/8” D 27 9/16” H 16 9/16”
L 140 P 70 H 42 cm
W 55 1/8” D 27 9/16” H 16 9/16”