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A chair that is suitable for any space and circumstance.

Vincent Van Duysen makes his debut in the world of upright modular bookcases, designed to achieve light and airy compositions, of any length and as tall as you like.

The off-set positioning of the uprights and the various combination of possible finishes create a surprise visual effect and give rise to very different compositions turning Hector from a modern hi-tech bookcase, where metal finishes and glass prevail, into a more traditional bookcase in wooden finish.


Key features:

• Wall-floor or ceiling-floor mounting

• Wide modularity and flexibility

• Wide finish range including 2 metals, 2 special lacquers and the excusive black oak veneer

• Placed along the wall or used as room divider and accessorized for smart working

• Free positioning of shelving and accessories

• Accessorized for receiving large TV screens as well as home office equipment such as modern printers, tablets, laptops

• Shelving with glass or wooden bottom