Jean-Marie Massaud is inspired by the world of saddlery and designs GranTorino. Great compositional freedom. A sofa system that, in its most original and precious version, combines Saddle Extra Leather with Pelle Frau® leather or fabric. The leather, cut and shaped by hand, closely follows and enhances the lines and geometries of the seat. The high and thin armrest and the low armrest are also complex and accurate, also available in the container version that hides an elegant natural oak tray inside. The cushions are enriched in the central part by horizontal stitching, which give visual lightness to the sofa. Compact volumes and well calibrated to minimize the overall dimensions, comfortable seats. The structure of GranTorino is in metal tubular with intertwined elastic straps. The backrests and the armrests are in multilayered birch and poplar panel. The padding is in differentiated density polyurethane foam and pressed felt. The back cushions are filled in goose down with separate horizontal chambers, to obtain a differentiated and anatomic comfort level. The feet are in titanium-colored painted aluminum.



Dimension: (Armchair) Width: 78 / 30″¾ Side Length: 80 / 31″½ Front Length: 210 / 82″¾