Panca Fidelio, new element of a precious collection.Roberto Lazzeroni, through extreme formal purity, makes the beauty of materials vibrate.The warm intensity of the leather, the visible seams, the elegant folds. And solid wood, modeledthanks to skilled workmanship and almost made a graphic sign. The composed design, the exactnessof the lines, the millimetric coherence of each detail give the look a restful, relaxed feeling. Theslightly concave floor invites the seat to communicate comfort while maintaining formal rigor. Aperfect element for the visually essential sleeping area, the bench is easily matched to allPoltrona Frau beds, even the most important and characterized. The discreet design, the sophisticateddetails, together with the defined personality, make it however transversal. Ideal addition tothe living, the study, the entrance area of ​​the house.


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Dimension: Width: 40 / 15″¾ Side Length: 45 / 17″¾ Front Length: 160 / 63