Come Together

In the social and post-social era, the Come Together sofa system is the place of real sharing, of the conversation vis a vis. An invitation to rediscover the dimension of physical and practical closeness, of the exchange of ideas and emotions live, of looking each other in the eye. Each element is designed to accommodate and approach.

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba design an ultra-contemporary sofa system: the compositional logic is deliberately based on a limited number of modules, designed to make infinite combinations possible.

Cover in Pelle Frau® leather or fabric .. To emphasize the feeling of solidity, the sofa can be enriched along the entire perimeter by a band in Saddle Leather or Saddle Extra Leather, decorated with loops that recall belts and small leather goods. The version without the band enhances the lightness of the design. Come Together becomes architecture with bladed feet, alternative to cylindrical feet. Harmonious stitching draw a subtle graphic game on the surfaces of the armrests.

Cylindrical feet in black anodised aluminum or with burnished brushed steel or galvanized Ruthenium.
Versatile and functional the series of complements Come Together. Satellites designed to connect to the sessions and create islands of relaxation even more livable, where you can read, eat, rest, study, work or share a coffee or an aperitif. The terminal cabinet, with a generously sized double floor, is perfect for holding your favorite books or resting a lamp.

The piece of furniture that joins together the seats is complete with a concealed compartment, where you can store objects to be near, but invisible for a perfect order.
The back-to-back storage unit with central drawer with push-pull opening, offers a large capacity compartment that can hide the cables of a light point to be placed on the shelf if necessary.

Coatings and workings of the complements create references and harmonies with the seating modules. The tops and the shelves in brushed and etched stainless steel with a pewter finish take on a visual depth and a tactile softness that recalls leather and fabric.

Design by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba