This collection of coffee and sides tables is the result of the desire to exalt Fiam’s technical and experimental skills at the service of designer’s aesthetic research. Cannage takes shape from the idea of modeling, and crafting glass in order to give to it a braided effect. In tribute to the artisanal and traditional savoir-faire, which requires manual precision, skill and patience, Emmanuel Gallina plays with technical and experimental knowledges to give this print and this texture to the glass. From this historical research arises a collection of unique and decisively contemporary tables with multiple interpretations (braiding, mashrabiyya, weaving, knitting). Thus association of glass with textures belonging to the collective memory allows this material to be projected and inserted in a warmer atmosphere.

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Ø 120 H 40 cm
W 47 1/4” H 15 3/4”
Ø 90 H 40 cm
W 35 7/16” H 15 3/4”
Ø 65 H 45 cm
W 25 9/16” H 17 11/16”
Ø 50 H 55 cm
W 19 11/16” H 21 5/8”