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Aura is a rug produced in the Kathmandu valley in Nepal.

These rugs are made by expert craftspeople on wooden handlooms using a balanced blend of Ngari wool, a quality twisted yarn from a small region of western Tibet, and a blend of Tibetan wool and bamboo silk.

The glossy and matt effects achieved by using vegetable silk and wool, which respond differently to the light, produce a refined and subtle monochromatic finish.

The border, skillfully finished with scissors, completes the rug and adds a touch of elegance. The entire rug production process is performed by hand, from carding the raw materials to weaving right through to finishing.



•Structure: Rug made on a wooden hand loom

• Natural cotton weft

• Ngari wool pile rug with a Tibetan wool and viscose (or bamboo silk) twill – 8 cm ringe-less border

• Weight: 3.8 kg/sq mt

• Two different pile heights: 6 mm pile and 3 mm border

• Sizes available, in cm: 100 x 300, 250 x 300, Æ 300, 300 x 400

• Colours: Anthracite, Bordeaux, Jade, Petroleum blue, Sage